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Where & How To Find Foreclosures & Foreclosure Leads | Where & How To Find Foreclosures & Foreclosure Leads System

"Would You Like An Extra $35,617? Ya, Stupid Question & Here's The Answer... OF COURSE! & The Lead That Paid This Profit Was Delivered On A Back Of A Napkin!!" (details below)

Hey, Real Estate Investors...Get the Fresh HOT Leads First & Let Your Competition Fight Over The Scrapes. The MONEY IS IN THE LEADS!!!

Date: Tuesday, January 10… 5:33 AM

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investors,

My name is Dan Ellis & I was a “Foreclosure Buying Junkie”…

“I admit it man, I Was HOOKED. Finding heavily discounted foreclosures in Sweet Areas became an OBSESSION… I couldn’t focus on anything else and as the money started rolling in, it just got out of control! The money was just sitting there & all I wanted to do was make deals & bank serious cash…And I did it man, making over $120K my first year alone…”


“I’ve slowed done since…5 boys will do that to anyone!! But I still invest & still feel the rush of a prime property that is way undervalued and ready to be scooped. The techniques I will share with you are Time Tested & Proven to generate serious profit for any investor that is willing to follow the step-by-step system & put in the work…”





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The Equation is SIMPLE…

More HOT FRESH Leads = More Opportunities = MORE PROFIT



Think About This For A Minute, I Mean Really Let It Sink In…

Imagine yourself in the following scenario:

YOU are the First to get this lead

YOU are the First to contact the seller

YOU are the First to be able to walk through the property

YOU make an offer On YOUR Terms before anyone else even knows about it


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So Let’s Summarize Up To This Point


The Money Is Made In The FRESH LEADS!!

I mean, you and I are out there taking risks every day as real estate investor, right. So why throw more risk on top of it?

Why fight for property lead scrapes that are left over by your competition that you’ll probably have to pay more for because now everyone knows about them and the bidding is more intense. Or YOU have to take on a major rehab because that’s your only chance to turn some big money at the moment.


The Technique That Made Me $35,617



I recruited a postman to keep an eye out for properties that may be available in an area I like. One day, he handed me an address & name on the back of a napkin (the napkin was packed in his lunch). Immediately I made some inquires and found out the owner was now staying in a rest home and the son had power of attorney…and a desire to sell since he lived out of state.
I negotiated a deal, closed, and flipped the home within 2 months for a $35,617 in profit!!

>THE POINT IS…TO BE SUCCESSFUL & beat your competitors to the REAL Money, you have to completely blanket an area that you are comfortable with & know the value of the housing market AND have a system in place where the people that operate or live in that area will contact you if there is even the SLIGHTEST hint that a property may become available.



“As a seasoned investor, I thought I saw it all. This system made what I usually do a lot easier with half the effort & making more money!”
Jackie Mille... Norcross, GA

“Made the process easy, saw results within the first month and getting better everyday…”
Glen Hueber… Montgomery, AL

“Jeannie & I didn’t really know what to expect but now love the system & have already closed 1 deal with a net profit of 26K”
Edward Magruder… Scranton, OH

“Pretty incredible info, wish I would have discovered this system years ago…”

Jack Mellen… Norcross, GA

“Just received a lead last week that I wholesaled for a quick $5200.”

Linda James… Damascus, MD

“The process is definitely laid out in detail, very easy to follow…”

Carol Nerman…Wausau, WI

“Booted up the system & within 3 weeks I had accepted offers on 2 prime properties that werent even on the market yet.”

Matthew LaSelle…Pittsburgh, PA

“Amazing insight on how to negotiate a deal with other investors & real estate agents, strategies that have made me money…”

Gayle Reynolds…Lynch, NE

“Made sense on where to get started…program is laid out step-by-step to get leads rolling in right away.”

Rosemary Carney…Mobile, AL

“I Thought the World’s Greatest Script was awesome but to long, so I modified it and now use my version to qualify buyers in a matter of minutes.”

Denise Anderson…Pacifica, CA

“AutoPilot System is REAL. Getting leads from sources I had never thought about before…”

Yanick Vera…Dodge City, MN

“Awesome system to save time & stop chasing bad leads, the results rock…”

Glennda Barrett…Memphis, TN

“Never knew that there where that many foreclosures out there, so many leads are flowing in now that the system is cranked up…”

Vance Reid…Oklahoma City, OK

“The big investors are actually reaching out to us for fresh foreclosure leads, Mary & I want to Thank you for continued success….”

David Henry…Foxsboro, MA

“Streamlined the whole foreclosure lead generation process for my real estate investment while making a ton more cash on my flips, wish I would of discovered these techniques years ago…”

Brad Pearson…Waterford, MI

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Tina Jenkins…Aurora, OR

“As successful as I have been in the real estate investment market, I found plenty of new & excellent information…”

Thomas Vaughn…Chicago, IL

“Getting the fresh pre-foreclosure opportunities was always a challenge, not anymore with this system…”

Roger Pressic…El Darado, KS

“I do this from my home now & just get refferal fees, it’s easy but does take some organizational skills….”


Mark Lewison… Cleburne, TX

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Unfortunately for many real estate investors…& their families, there are thousands more foreclosures out there that are true dogs, and these less educated players will probably blow their life savings on these bad properties while chasing the dream of wealth & prosperity. You don’t have to be one of those, learn the secrets of the Pro’s & Start Succeeding Today!


Wishing You Much Success In Your Real Estate Investing,

Dan Ellis

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